New Hat Boxes

We have received our new hat boxes and we couldn't be happier with them!

When we were running low on our hatboxes we decided to do something new instead of just ordering another batch of the old ones. Our old hatboxes were white, which meant that they didn't look that good for very long, if you wanted to keep the box for storing or if you used it while travelling. They were also a lot bigger than they needed to be. When we designed them we didn't have any idea of how wide people wanted the brims on their hats, so we went big just to be safe.

White hat boxes

Because they were so big, they were very unhandy. Both to be carrying around but also to store. Our new boxes are both shorter and have a smaller footprint. That way they are easier to fit in a closet or in the overhead compartment on an air plane.

Open hat box

We took advantage of the fact that our boxes are made right here in Copenhagen and went back and forth to the manufacturer to make sure that we got it right this time.
The darker colour ensures that they will not look banged up as easily as the white ones did. The inside of the box has been designed to keep the hat securely in place, whether it is tossed around during shipping or being carried on your travels.

Hornskov hat box

To make the box easier to carry, we have implemented a handle that doubles as a string to keep the lid in place.
When you want to open the box you simply pull on the string and the handle retracts allowing you to remove the string securing the lid.

Every Hornskov hat of course comes with one of these boxes.

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  • Claudio Zirotti

    Emozionato di riceverne una con il mio cappello.

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